When I log in, there are two emails/accounts. But I can't remove the other one?

Long story short, I wanted to share a domain with my friend (it’s their domain), so they can modify whatever they want, in case they cannot reach me. This was months ago. Back then email forwarding was not public so we just shelved the idea.

Like, two weeks ago I successfully migrated the domain because finally, email redirection is available. All went well. But, if I log in with my Cloudflare - so basically just log in to my account, I see my email there, and their email there. It’s like I can log into their name and manage their account. There is nothing there obviously since we just wanted to co-manage the domain.

I don’t remember how I invited them. But I don’t see them in the Members.
Maybe THEY invited me and we wanted to manage the domain that way.
Either way… how do I remove their email/account from there? How do I make my account independent / “standalone” again?

(I sent them a new invite via Members to a different email, so the sharing is solved. Now I just want their email/account to be not associated with mine basically.)

Sounds like they invited you to their account.

If you go into their account, and then Manage Account → Members → Click yourself → Leave, you should be let free. Magic Link: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/members (Make sure you click on/go into their account, not yours)

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Thank you, this was the solution, I appreciate it!

good, i also was looking for the solution

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