When I enter web address gasskan.xyz . it is not going to homepage. The page is keep asking VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN

Hello Team,

I type my web address gasskan.xyz , why the page keep asking to VERIFY YOU ARE HUMAN ? Meanwhile my website is UNDER ATTACKED and Under attacl mode is on now. I see the SSL is not activated. Before I never off the SSL. Can you guys advise what to do ?

Sorry that you are underattack.

The Verify You Are Human page is the the Under Attack mode triggering and challenging visitors to block automated trafic.

When I visit you site I am also seeing that SSL is being served for your site:

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 3.34.23 PM

Were you also looking for assistance with blocking the attack? For some blanket suggestions you could enable Bot Fight Mode, Rate Limiting, or blocking of any specific patterns you see in your Analytics page.

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