When i enable this, my site wont work

The Site: https://bloxsploits.com
What Needs to be enabled for Cloudflare, but i have to disable for my site to work: https://vgy.me/CmDqmM.png

i need help ;-;

I am not sure about the question and if it isnt the same as Cloudflare only works with www

You need to be more specific, what error we talking about, i can see your site is secured with valid SSL so i just don’t know what the problems

basically, if i enable this option: https://vgy.me/CmDqmM.png
My site stops working

“Stops working” is not exactly a precise description.

my site wont load… and when you go to https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ itll say its down

(when i enable it)

and, im now using the Cloudflare name servers, so i think its a problem on the Cloudflare side

Well, you will need to enable it if you want someone here to look at it.

ive enabled it… and when you go to Bloxsploits.com down? Current problems and status. it should say its down

First, you have a challenge enabled http://sitemeer.com/#bloxsploits.com

Second, you have a redirection loop, probably because your SSL mode is not “Full” but the search here on the forum will help you further on this issue.

You can start with the error message “The page isn’t redirecting properly”

i added code on my site to also add https, just the site isnt loading /shrug

re-enabled it, so my site is back up

Right now it points to your server again and not Cloudflare.

i disabled Cloudflare to get my site up as visitors were complaining (in my group chat)

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