When i enable the cloudflare proxy my site will go down

I am new to Cloudflare i added my site and i change the dns from GoDaddy with the dns provided by Cloudflare and i point the A record and the cname to my hosting ip address. My site stooped working i contacted my hosting company they advice me to disable the proxy ono Cloudflare and enable them after i install the ssl certificate from cpanel i have dont that and disable the proxy the site is working fine and when i reenabled the proxy the site went down. I contacted my hosting so they disabled my cpanel ssl and advice me to install the flexible ssl certificate and enable proxy i have dont that and the website still down.
Any advice please

Make sure your SSL is set to Full (strict) Here’s the more info:

Thank you very much for your kind reply I did try full strict option still the same problem. At the end i gave up on using the ssl from Cloudflare and i am using the ssl is coming from my cpanel but still when i enable the proxy the site go down. Do you think i have to turn off the ssl option from Cloudflare.

If that’s the case, how you are using CF? It is as good as without one. If full strict does not work, check your host.

It looks like you had a previous config from a Cloudflare for SaaS provider set for your domain - that was overriding your DNS and returning a HTTP 503 error because you appear to have left that provider.

I’ve corrected this for you now - so you should be able to try again.


Thank you very much i will try again

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