When i enable site in cloudflare

when i enable my site in Cloudflare . i get logged off from my website’s cpanel. but when i pause it i have no problems. what should i do? also some features does not work when site enabled. i really need help. thanks.

If you look in the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard you’ll notice there’s some orange/gray clouds. Toggling between orange and gray allows you to disable Cloudflare for CPanel while keeping it on for your main site.

do i need to toggle all orange buttons?

Orange for your users, gray for CPanel

thanks, but i forgot to mention that i log out from my admin panel. it logged me out when site is not paused.

Okay so you need a way to login to Cloudflare while you’re having trouble accessing your admin panel?

i want to keep my site on on Cloudflare and not paused. if i make all clouds grey does my site wont get down or anything?

You don’t need to gray all the clouds. Graying clouds is pausing for just parts of your website but not others. Gray out cpanel but nothing else.

CNAME www ? or A ? ftp? which ones should turn to grey?

What do you use to access Cpanel?

browser u mean?

No what subdomain points to CPanel?

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