When I Enable forwarding at a domain then face SSL 503 issues

When I Enable forwarding at a domain then face SSL 503 issues, please help :smiling_face_with_tear:

forwarding setting:

Has your site ever been used with Shopify?

It looks like it’s still taking you to their platform and needs to be removed from their setup.

If you are currently using Shopify, you cannot put Cloudflare on top of it without an Enterprise plan. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203464660-Using-Cloudflare-with-Shopify

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i’m used SHOPLINE and following their FAQ setup
and the 503 is a server from Cloudflare

did there have any way to find the Cloudflare support? :sob:

I see your ticket with Support, but a quicker and correct first stop in instances like this is Shopify, they are supposed to remove these records and will if you ask them, FAQ: Having difficulties transferring domain to Shopify.

Going through cloudflare support involves more steps as we have no way of verifying domain ownership that does not require you to take additional steps. But, I’ve copied myself on the ticket and there is a link to this conversation. If shopify is able to assist you prior to an agent responding, let us know here or on the ticket.

Thanks Cloonan,

I’ve already contact two different supports from Shopify but they told me they’ve already removed any records that linked to Shopify. Therefore I need to ask in Cloudflare.

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My domain is aura.com.hk, and I was using Shopify before but now transfer to other platform.

However, when I enter ‘https://aura.com.hk’, it is unreachable. Only with ‘www’ is ok.

Already contact Shopify and make sure there is no linkage with them.

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