When I enable cloudflare site redirects!

Hello, when cloudflare is disabled on the website the site works as it should be but without ssl, after enabling cloudflare it redirects to suspicious website. What could be a problem and how to solve it?

Check for unexpected page rules and redirect rules:

If there are, delete them as your account may have been compromised.

Then, check for changes to your account in the audit log:

Resecure your account:

  • change the password
  • set up 2FA
  • change your global API key and any tokens; look for newly created tokens

Hi @vikzver77 you should do everything suggested by @sjr

Remove those page rules here
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 9.22.27 AM

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Thank you!! there was a page rule with the redirect… Does it mean that cloudflare account was hacked?? That’s very strange :thinking: Nobody except me has an access to cloudflare account and I am quite experienced admin… Know what fishing means…

As above, check the audit log to see when and who added it…

If it looks like you, then your email/password was found and used.


Don’t forget to ensure that your account login requires MFA, preferably with a hardware key. Be sure to securely save the one-time backup codes when enabling MFA.

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