When I enable Cloudflare on my site then my site show me old content

This is my site homepage picture, This picture is before enabling Cloudflare CDN.

This is my site link and this is after enabling Cloudflare on my site.

And when I pause Cloudflare then my site shows me again latest content and works again fine. So, please help me, I’ve clear cache many time from site and Cloudflare.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

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yes I’ve try clear broswer and Cloudflare cache many times

Just to be sure, are you clearing “everything - for all time” in your browser?

In the CF dashboard, are you using “Purge Everything? How long has it been?

yes I’m sure. when enable Cloudflare then every time show these old content and website data.


Today again I was disappointed and failed. That’s why I’ve put back hostinger name server back. Because many new contents of my site disappear from site.

That sounds like you have an old integration with a Cloudflare SaaS customer. Did you previously use this hostname with some such service? Potentially a Bluehost integration?

If you did, the easiest thing is to get the previous SaaS provider to remove the integration from your domain.


yes I’ve host my site on Bluehost and now my site host on hostinger.

This might explain what could be the issue:

My only other suggestion is to continue serving your site on hostinger for another day, and try switching it back to CF again. Also, only make single rather than repeated change requests, such as a cache purge or DNS change, and then give it some time to update/propagate. HTH

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