When I enable CF Proxy My Site Goes Down

I am new to CF, coming from Namecheap. When I enable CF proxy on my domain name, my site goes down. My domain name is being used with High Level via flash.funnels.msgsndr(dot com)

  • If I turn on proxy for both my domain name and flash.funnels.msgsndr, my site goes down.
  • If I turn off proxy for flash.funnels.msgsndr and leave proxy enabled for my domain name, my site goes down
  • It is only when I turn the proxy off for both my domain name and flash.funnels.msgsndr that my site comes back online

Any idea how to get proxy to work without crashing my site?

Yes. Absolutely.

Judging by the mutual :-1: you have given each other, you seem to have missed the point that @cscharff was attempting to illustrate. The accurate yet lean reply mimics yours. The answer, just like yous, requires considerably more detail to be actionable. Consider sharing more if you want more verbose replies. The following would be good places to start.

  • What’s your domain name?
  • How exactly are you changing Cloudflare proxy settings on a Go High Level domain that cannot be in your account?
  • What error is returned when your site “crashes”?
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Thanks for your reply. I literally had no idea that there is zero support offered on CF by the actual CF team. It’s impossible to answer a question like “How exactly are you changing Cloudflare proxy settings on a Go High Level domain that cannot be in your account?” if there is no one from the CF team to actually look into my account to see the issue I am having.

I think I am just going to wait until my 60 days are up and just move the domain back to Namecheap. I’ll pay a few more bucks to actually have actual technical support for my domains again.

Cloudflare is a self-service platform on all subscription levels. Details on contacting support and what they can assist with are laid out in this guide.

You could explain the action you are taking along with the results you are expecting that action to produce and the actual results. That would allow Community members the option to better assist you.

Saving money on domain registration is usually not a sufficient reason to move to Cloudflare Registrar, despite the Cloudflare marketing plan placing undue emphasis on being an at-cost domain registrar. That’s actually reason not to transfer a domain to Cloudflare registrar when using my criteria.

I suspect that Namecheap support is going to have hard limitations on third-party support, but maybe you will have a different outcome than what I expect.

Do you pay Go High Level? Why aren’t they helping you?

I don’t know if this will helpful, but its worth trying.
If turning proxy on brings your domain now, then its definitely a WAF issue, turn the proxy back on go to to analytics and logs -instant logs and start streaming, when the logs start populating, you might get details of the error you are receiving.
If that doest work, go to security -events and filter with the hostname or IP you are visiting from, review the event summary and if your lucky ,you will see the exact firewall rule blocking access.
Last i will try to create a WAF rule under security to allowlist my domain and see what happens.
I am not a Cloudflare support engineer, i am just a user, and these are just some basic troubleshooting things i will do if i was in your shoes

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Thank you, as this has been the most helpful reply thus far. However, I will not pretend that I know how to do any of that, unfortunately :sweat_smile: But appreciate the reply nonetheless!

Do the allowlisting and lets see, follow this steps, under Cloudflare choose your account, go to security on the left panel, under security choose WAF.
Create a rule, under field choose hostname equals ( your domain name )
action “skip” and deploy. That rule should skip every firewall rule available. If that works, you should work your way back by hardening the rule

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