When I check if my website has SSL it says it does but when I visit my site it says it's insecure and that it's invalid

Hello, I am making a site but when I activate the Full SSL type and I have waited 48 hours since I fixed that. But when I go to like SSL Checker

They say it’s valid and that it is there, and I even checked whynopadlock but said everything was fine.

But when I visit the site (https://cynews.ga) it says it’s insecure and when I look at the certificate on the site it says it’s like invalid or something.

How do I fix this?


Certifikat = Certificate
Ogiltigt = Invalid

The SSL certificate is actually valid on the site, you must have a cached/old IP in your DNS. Try flushing your DNS to get the correct Cloudflare page.


But, you do need a valid SSL certificate on your website. You can get one by setting up LetsEncrypt (free) or using a CF Origin Certificate (free).

With flushing do you mean like purging in the Cloudflare dashboard?

For me it looks like this: image

See flush dns - Google Search you need to flush your computer’s DNS cache. You could also switch to and this would likely get it resolving correctly.

So it’s actually my computer that shows the old one?

Yes. If you try on a mobile device or different computer, you will likely receive the correct certificate.

But you do need to set up the certificate on your server - currently CF is erroring with Invalid SSL certificate since your origin has a self-signed certificate.


Nvm fixed it

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