When I change the nameserver to point to Cloudflare, will I have to manage all DNS records on cloudflare


First time setting up a domain on C, and I did read CF docs on DNS and proxy but I still have a doubt:
Once I change my godaddy record to point to CF nameservers, will I manage all DNS records that are not proxied through CF (i.e. I have greyed these out in CF DNS settings) on CF DNS settings, or on my nameserver? It makes sense that since I removing the old nameserver records, that CF is managing them from now on, but I’m just checking.
Furthermore, it is possible that CF DNS settings didn’t import all my existing settings, so I’ll have to clone them to CF settings?

Thanks again,

Yes, you need to manage all DNS records in Cloudflare after changing your nameservers to Cloudflare.

And Yes, it is very likely that the automatic import did not find all of your DNS records, so you have to copy them over manually.


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