When I change the DNS it changes where my site is pointing

My site is hosted wit Network Solutions. When I changed the DNS to get the SSL in place it worked for the first few hours but at 11 pm last night it went down again and was redirecting to some strange page. How do I secure my website and keep it going to my website?

Whats the domain?

It is back up now but not secure

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare. You need to change the nameservers.

When I changed the name server yesterday it worked for a few hours and then it started redirecting to another strange site… Will that happen again?

It should not happen and depends on what your DNS records are in the first place.

is what it is now

It is, but keep in mind you need to change them at your registrar, not your host. Just saying as many people change it at their host and then wonder why it did not work.

Im sorry what do you mean by change it at the registrar?
I have changed it at network solutions… Do I need to change it somewhere else as well?

You probably changed it at the right place.

The change already shows up in your whois, but it can now take several hours until it actually takes effect.

Okay we will see how it goes! Thanks

Actually it already does show up and your site seems to load fine.

It doesnt load with the secure link but it took a bit last time for that to show up. It seems to be very important to people in our church that the secure https is there.

It does for me

It might be that your browser or computer still uses the cached record and goes straight to your site. You’d need to wait a bit for that too.


You seem to have changed the nameservers back again though.

I havent touched it! my goodness

Hmm, cant tell you I am afraid. The nameservers are back though. Could it be someone who set them? If not, it might have been some automated process. I’d contact the registrar in this case (Network Solutions apparently).

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