When I bought this domain name, it mis-lead me as www.29gpt.com, but I really want to buy 29gpt, I need to refund this domain name

When I bought this domain name, it mis-lead me as wwwmydomain, but I really want to buy mydomain, I need to refund this domain name.

You do own 29gpt.com . www is just a sub-domain of it

www29gpt.com appears to have been registered 2 days before 29gpt.com was registered.

I want to buy 29gpt, but I don’t know why the webpage show me www29gpt(without point after www), that mis-leading me to buy this domain.

How can I refund this doamin and get my money back, is there any process to supoort this?


Yes, I need 29gpt, so when I found this mistake I register thi domain and www29gpt is wrong register, I want to know the refund process.


I don’t believe ICANN allows refunds for domain for anti-abuse purposes. Your best bet is to create a registrar ticket here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support to see what they can do


I believe this is up to the Registrar’s ToS (and ultimately up to the Registry, depending on the TLD in question), and not ICANN. For generic TLDs, ICANN’s domain life-cycle policy has an initial 5-day period within which domains may be cancelled and refunded, if the Registrar allows. It’s this 5-day grace period that some Registrars take advantage of to do their “tasting” activities, knowing they can cancel and refund the domain.

The same goes for cancelling or deleting a domain anytime before the expiration date: most online sources will tell you that’s not possible, but that’s not true. Many registrars will do this for you via a support request, and a few (eg SAV, Porkbun, etc) even have the feature in their dashboard to delete/cancel a domain at any time without a support request.

As an example, WordPress.com (the hosting provider, not the open-source software) offers refunds if the domain is cancelled within 4 days.

It seems Cloudflare Registrar does not offer refunds, as stated in the ToS here: Cloudflare registrar terms of service

4.1 FEES

Registrant shall pay Cloudflare the fees specified in the Order Form. All payment obligations are non-cancellable and non-revocable, and all amounts paid are non-refundable.