When i Add my New Website its says Website Not Register kindly help

Sir Kindly Help Me urgent.
Recently I register a domain from Godaddy AlexSports.Online When I Add in Cloudflare account it says alexsports.online is not a registered domain. Kindly help me how can i add this one.

Is it done now ?

Because i already some Cloudflare Namesevers pointed to your domain


Still Same error. Nameservers i set befor when i add domain . but domain says its not register plz help. can i remove name server fisrt?

It seems that you have changed the nameservers to point to Cloudflare’s before you added the site to your Cloudflare account. This is a security risk, and won’t work as Cloudflare checks for responsive nameservers before adding your site. As they have not been assigned to your domain yet, they won’t respond and you’ll most likely see the error example.com is not a registered domain.

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Yes as already domjh said the solution ,

  1. Remove the Name servers
  2. Then try re-adding the domain
  3. Add the Name servers which Cloudflare ask you to add

That’s all Cloudflare will be enabled on your site

Any further more Questions ?

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