When I add a domain, Cloudflare adds a thousand weird A records

Just like it says on the tin :slight_smile:

DNS is currently with GoDaddy and there are six or so records. When I add the domain to Cloudflare, it adds hundreds of A records with numeric names. Screenshot:

I’ve Googled about this and it seems like the answer is “wait and try again later,” but I’ve done that a few times over the last several hours and nothing changes.

What can I do?


This typically means that you had a wildcard DNS record, which throws off the import. Read more here: Cloudflare adds 200 random records when adding a domain - #9 by CascadingStyle

The best way to clean up is to use the API to delete all the records and see if you can export the records from GoDaddy then import to Cloudflare.

If you need help cleaning the records then I wrote a tool: DNS Purge - Cloudflare Utilities


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