When I activate the proxy, the domain points to the old site

Hello everyone, I changed the DNS and enabled the proxy (orange cloud) on my domain to point to the new website.

I checked the new dnschecker.org domain record, and it said the new record has been updated on all DNS servers.

However, when I access my website’s domain in the browser, it was still in the old version (Old Server).

So I disabled the proxy (gray cloud). Then the site showed a new version. (new server)

When I enabled the proxy again, the site showed the old version again.

I’ve already tried clearing the cache on Cloudflare but the problem still persists. I don’t want to disable the proxy as I need the security features.

What should I do?

My website address is http://vinhoscurseria.com and before it was pointing to the https://clickfunnels.com service and currently it is pointing to an application on AWS.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there,

This will be due to your old provider using Cloudflare for SaaS. Please contact Clickfunnels and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

If they say they are unable to help you, please email [email protected] with the subject Cannot remove custom host name and details of the issue. Once you’ve done that you’ll receive an automatic response with a ticket number. Please post that here so we can escalate it. Once you have reached out to Support they will ask you to verify domain ownership of the domain by adding a txt record to the domain in order to verify domain ownership.

Thanks, I will do that now. As soon as I have a response from them, I’ll update here.

2374002 @MoreHelp

What did Clickfunnels say then?

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It’s been 3 days since I’ve been sending messages to support and they don’t know how to solve it, they just keep going from one department to the other.

I can’t wait any longer as the new site will be released on Friday and I need this to work.

Did you tell them this specifically?

It’s very difficult if they don’t know how to deal with the service providers they use :thinking:

I’ve escalated the Cloudflare ticket but it should be much much easier and quicker if Clickfunnels deal with this.

I said just that, they did some tests and after they sent it to the technical team, then I don’t have a response and whenever I ask they say they don’t have an ETA for that.

Here the message I sent, in this message it ended up that the domain was translated, but I sent another message in the sequence with the corrected domain.

That’s unhelpful.

As I said, I escalated the Cloudflare ticket but that will take some time to go through the verification steps and get it removed. Please let us know if Clickfunnels get this resolved as they should to save Cloudflare kicking off that process.

OK thank you!

Any updates from Clickfunnels I’ll let you know here

I replied in the ticket with the verification steps, so we can remove the Custom Hostname for you.

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