When Exporting DNS File what is meant by, "REPLACE ME WITH YOUR NAMESERVER" phrase?


When I download my zone record - on lines 36 and 37 of the record, it states in comments:

my domain name (dot) com. 1 IN NS REPLACE&ME$WITH^YOUR@NAMESERVER.

This is confusing to me because I have already changed my name servers at the registrar to:

NS isla.ns.Cloudflare.com
NS jack.ns.Cloudflare.com

How can I change Nameservers in the actual Zone record? Unless I am missing something ?.

Do I need to re-add the Cloudflare name servers here in the zone record again? If so , please give me the format for doing so.

Please advise.

I believe this is the case if you’re moving to a different DNS server.

It sounds like your downloaded your Zone file from your Cloudflare account. Where are you going to use the zone file now?

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Thanks for answering. I’m not planning to move it at all. I just wanted to review it.

Is that section I referred to only applicable if I am planning to move it?


The details aren’t really applicable at all. When Cloudflare generates a zonefile it removes some Cloudflare specific NS records as you should not use these NS records anywhere (they must not be used at another provider, and Cloudflare manages them automatically for you, so you don’t use them at Cloudflare either).

In other words, ignore those lines completely.

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Thanks guys,

That makes sense. I think that is what I needed to know.

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