When ever i create page rule for my site it breaks down

I created page rule for my site with https;//wapfreshest,com to always use https it breakdown my site until I resent my name back to my host. I tried again to use https;//wapfreshest,com/ to always use https still broke down my site and i tried using https;//wapfreshest,com/1$ yet it broke down. meanwhile, I have been having error display in my SSL/TLS please click here to see the screenshot for the past two days my site has crashed more than 3times. please, someone, any help me

Your website isn’t even using Cloudflare as far as I can tell, so page rules will have no effect. If you’re trying to configure your site to use Cloudflare, you still have steps that you haven’t finished. In particular, you haven’t updated the nameservers (NS records) for your site per Cloudflare’s instructions.

I am using cloudflare I paused the site because it breaking my site I just want to know what to do before I switch back my name server to cloudflare… I love their service but few minutes after implementing cloudflare on my websites it breaks down please help me

That screenshot only shows there are some attempted connections over HTTP. But many connections using HTTPS.

Can you be more specific about what is broken when you use the page rule? Or a screenshot of your website showing an error.

ok am switching back now and I will send you a screenshot but my site doesn’t display at all unless I go thru my Cpanel

Switch your encryption mode from “Flexible” to “Full strict”.

Thanks… But I just switched back it and I changed it from flexible to full strict or should I remove page rule from always use https… Please go check my site now it has broke down few minutes after switching to back to cloudflare…some please help me… I can’t give having a broke down website on cloudflare

Good afternoon sir. I just switched back can you and I changed from flexible to full strict with page rule in always use https… My site is currently down… Please go check it and see for your self… It’s say broken URL

It is relatively slow but it is loading now on Full strict.

Ok…thanks how do you recommend making it relatively fast

Thats something you need to do on your server and unfortunately is beyond the scope of the forum.

Ok thanks… I am grateful… Will keep this open any update will let you know…kudos bro

Bro… If I may ask can I add more than one page rule and what it’s the impact of rocket loader and so other options for page rules

There are up to three page rules included for free, if you need more you can purchase them. As for the Rocket Loader I’d suggest you use the search and check out the documentation as that should go into details about it.

Hello bro my I have set everything why Is my website still breaking down or is the something I need to setup

Since I switched to cloudflare my website website has has broken down more than three times this week… Please any body help me…

Currently the site loads fine. The earlier issue was because of the incorrect encryption mode you selected. Assuming you havent changed that back that shouldnt be an issue any longer.

Good morning sir Sandro…please check it properly it not loading from my end since last night…i have been and still getting this error message…:

This site can’t be reached

wapfreshest.com refused to connect.


  • Checking the connection


How should I check it properly? It loads for me and so it does at sitemeer.com/#https://wapfreshest.com/

You might have a DNS issue on your end. Reboot your computer and routers and make sure your DNS caches are flushed.

Thanks sir Sandro… Am doing it… Asap
You’re the man bro