When does Rocket Loader update cached files in localStorage?



I think that Rocket Loader not working properly( never purges the localStorage cache). We looked a bit to the rocket.min.js code and found that it normally does not check cached files whether they are expired or not. Also, on our site, we have a lot of very old cached scripts that was saved to localStorage 2 weeks ago with default 2 hours ttl and they still present.
Also, how can we change TTL? We tried to pass “x-maxage” but this does not affect TTL for Rocket Loader cached files in localStorage.


Same issue here. Rocket Loader caching js files in localStorage and exceeding the 5mb limit. I think best option for us to disable some JS scripts from being rocket loaded but what is the point then ?


Hi both,

Sorry to be late to the thread here - I just wanted to let you know Rocket Loader no longer uses localStorage caching - so you should no longer have this issue. To read a bit more about this check out our recent blogs here: