When do SSL Certificates renew?


Could someone tell me when Cloudflare free SSL certificates renew?

I notice some renew all the way to next year and yet another has 100 day left to expiry so I’m just trying to establish if all is okay.

My guess is either on the day they expired or the day before.
I am sure that Cloudflare has an automated process for renewing so you will not have to worry about renewing it.

Yes, there is one. I just had another renew automatically. But each of the expiry days and renewal dates seem to change.

I don’t think on the day or the day before would be very conducive to a site owner.

I’m looking for some confirmation if there are actual set renewal dates eg 90 days, 60 days before expiry?

I wonder if @sdayman would be so kind as to give some insight here?

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