When do pages get cached

I believe the CDN is set up properly and the Cloudflare account for proper caching as well.

I am new to this and have been using Cloudflare since joining SiteGround…but I have only recently been paying attention to site speed and finding parts of my site slow. I am not sure if I’m asking this question properly BUT when does a page (in my case, the single product page in WooCommerce) get cached? I am finding that pages don’t get cached on Cloudflare until the first time I click on it. Should the page get cached BEFORE I click on it at some point, does it take time for all pages to get cached?

Thank you, any help is appreciated.

Like most CDNs, Cloudflare is a Pull CDN. Content gets cached at an edge node upon first request so it’s ready for the next request. Cached content that is infrequently used will be evicted from the cache to make room for other more-used resources.

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Thanks for that info. BUT that is not great for me. For some awful reason, the first click on any uncached products on my site takes anything from 15 to 46 seconds for the display to get “served”…I was really hoping this would be minimized…dramatically!!

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