When did my website server become unreachable?

With a free Cloudflare account is there a way to find out when my website server went down? I received my first email from Cloudflare indicating that my website was down a few days ago, but my hosting company says its been down for weeks already.

I want to know for sure because the hosting company already deleted all my data so I need to know if they are telling the truth or not. Thanks.

Free accounts do not have the Health Check feature, so Cloudflare is not actively monitoring your site to detect and notify you when a problem occurs.

You’ll need a least a PRO account for that, or use an external tool to actively like UptimeRobot monitor your site and get notified when a problem is detected.

So, “down” can mean different things, and not every single one of them will trigger an email from Cloudflare for free accounts. If I’m not mistaken, you’ll only be notified by Cloudflare when the domain’s nameservers change and no more point to Cloudflare.

For instance, if your host suspended your site over a billing issue but the domain’s nameservers never changed, from Cloudflare’s perspective (again, without active Health Checks monitoring), your site is not “down” and you won’t receive any notification from Cloudflare.

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