When Cloudflare paused, I get emails, but not when enabled plus IP changed when enabled, why?

I have cloudflare point A record to my server where I hosted my website.
when cloudflare is paused, it works fine and dns-checker shows only my sites IP on the server.

But when cloudflare is enabled (non-paused), the email does not come in, the website still loads my server, but the IP now shows, and there is a second IP, which is my server.

So why does it change the IP where the A record points to? and have mine as secondary? also, why when cloudflare is paused, does the email work, but not when it is not paused?

Because Cloudflare is proxying traffic to your site. That’s how it offers protection.

The origin IP should only show when Cloudflare is either paused or DNS-Only. Not when proxied. This suggests a possible configuration error.

That might depend on the configuration of your mail server records.

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I reccomend the following Community Tutorial in this situation.


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