When Can I Buy Domains Directly On CloudFlare?

Is there an ETA on when we can start to buy domains directly on Cloudflare?

And has there been anything said from Cloudflare about why it’s currently transfer-only? I can’t find anything in the FAQ about it, the only thing said was:

Can I purchase a domain directly from Cloudflare?

Cloudflare only supports domain transfer and does not currently support direct purchase.

Which doesn’t really tell us anything about why it’s only transfer-only.

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Baby steps. Once they get transfers and general operations to be rock solid, I’m hoping they’ll allow for external name servers, then open up for domain registrations. Cynical me says they’ll stick with the current offering in order to support and entice customers to their overall services.

They should stop quoting prices for domain registration if they’re not going to be implementing it in the near future, right???!!

Como puedo cambiar lugar de transferencia

You can start at dash.cloudflare.com

sdayman, you linked to Cloudflare.com, which is owned by the typo domain squatter. {Corrected}

Thanks for letting us know about the typo, @MrE.

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And,um…this thread is about new domain registration not domain transfer.

Unless I’m missing something, that link (which now works, and I’ve been there before) Is of a page where domain registration is not an option; only domain transfer. The button you circled :o: is only for the latter. That’s true despite the large print title; the small print is is accurate

I agree, but I believe @sdayman was replying to the question from @laflacawil26, which was about transferring:

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