When adding CNAME records Orange Cloud doesn't show up

I have linked my domain to my click funnels account and then using the steps to link it to Cloudflare I have added the CNAME records but the orange cloud does not appear next to either of them. I tried it a few times and gone right back to the start and tried it again and still no luck. Can anybody help me please?

That’s normal for Clickfunnels. I think it’s because Clickfunnels also uses Cloudflare, so you’re just linking to their Cloudflare :orange:, but using your domain name.

So will this cause any issues with the setup? Every video I have watched everyones clouds are orange?

Its definitely effected it because the video tutorial I have watched I have gone through all the stages to set it up and the website should be live but mine is not. What do you suggest I do about this?

The lack of an orange cloud is a recent change. Once DNS propagates, you’ll be going through Cloudflare’s network.

A visit to your site shows it’s going through Cloudflare. My local DNS is still showing your old IP address, but a global DNS lookup returns Cloudflare addresses:

All good its online! Thanks for your help

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Correct. Any clickfunnels setups should not show the :orange: / :grey: option. If they were setup in the past it may still appear, but that is probably just temporary.