When adding Cloudflare Nameservers, our site reverts to a Plesk default page

When adding Cloudflare Name Servers, our site reverts to a Plesk default page. We have added NS twice with the same result. First time was over 24hrs.

Our hosting company Hosting UK offers the following suggestion:-

"It looks as though Cloudflare might be trying to connect to the IP address ( rather than the website itself, causing the default Plesk page to load as it does on I would suggest checking on Cloudflare’s end to see what could be causing this "

Any help much appreciated.

I am afraid that sentence does not make much sense, as a connection is always done via an IP address and not a “website”. What’s the domain and was your site working on HTTPS before?

Hi Sandro,

The explanation did not make much sense here either.

The new site is https://amsystems.co.uk

Prior to Sept 1st 2022 the site was on http://amsystems.co.uk

Thanks for your help.


That’s generally not the best idea, a site should work first on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare.

However, in your case it seems as if your server was configured for HTTPS, so that should work on Cloudflare and it actually does work.


You just need to change the nameservers.

Hello Sandro,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you confirm the following names is entered correctly, I am unclear what ‘Use @ for root’ means?

Thanks for your help.


That would refer to your naked domain, as you entered it. But yes, that setup is correct.

Thanks Sandro for your quick reply.

We waited 24hrs for Plesk page to disappear, no luck, so we removed nameservers. If we wait longer will our site return, after 48hrs? I have read here that Plesk is no longer supported by Cloudflare,

Thank you

Well as I mentioned before, it does work via the proxies, you will need to set the nameservers however.

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