When activate cloudflare my website is down

when activate cloudflare pro i get message from Jetpack Alert about my website is down.
why this problem ? is about firewal or dns ? can you give me solution
thank you cloudflare team

Hi @mhamzou,

It may be that whatever they are using to determine your site uptime (like a bot regularly visiting your site) is being blocked by the firewall. Check the firewall events log to see what shows up there.

Hi @mhamzou, your site is not active on cloudflare, it’s waiting for you to change the nameserver names at your domain registrar. We confirmed those but the site was deleted and apparently nameservers were changed back?

If you add a site, remove it, and re-add it, you need to change the nameservers again to those assigned by cloudflare. If you canceled a paid service inadvertently, the system automatically applies a credit to your account for the unused time on that plan. That credit will be automatically used for the next recurring monthly payment with Cloudflare. (This credit is not reflected within the Cloudflare dashboard, but will appear on your invoice accordingly.)

But I just want to see the experience of the plan and do you fit either my website and then I decide to add a new month or not.

any help? any update?

I’m not sure what update I can offer, @mhamzou. You need to select +Add Site from your cloudflare dash and then change your name servers with your domain registrar to activate the site with cloudflare.

You reply to Support indicating you’ve not received an answer was a reply to the answer indicating what actions you should take to activate your site on Cloudflare. If you follow the above steps, we can offer more assistance along the way but at the moment, the only actions that need to be taken need to be taken by you.

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Hi, but if I use “add site” feature will be pay again and I don’t want to, I just want to try a plan clouadflare pro

The credit that is waiting will offset the charge:

When add my site, I am asked to pay again, and I do not want that? please Understand me
I will change the nameservers its esay, but what will happen? I must pay first
And I don’t want that, I want to rely on my previous plan pro

You can add it as a free plan to start. But, when you move it to pro you’ll need to establish payment again as that ensures we have a mechanism to bill over the subscription period. There is no way around that step.

Isn’t this a scam? The deletion of the site will be done by the customer involuntarily
this is unacceptable
I want to get my money back. Is there a way?
Thank you sir

Um, no. It’s just the way the system works by applying a credit. Unless there was a specific fault with the service, that we were not able to address, we can’t offer a refund but we are happy to issue credit, which we’ve already done for you.

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I want to get my money back. Is there a way?