When activate cloudflare i have SSL problem

An error occurred fetching the page: HTTPS error: SSL connect attempt failed error:14094410:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert handshake failure

i also have error since ssl protocol not the same on Cloudflare or on server

we have valide certificate we test Cloudflare on our second domain but want migrate our main with secure we cant make our domain broken feew hours like this one thanks

Ce site ne peut pas fournir de connexion sécurisée
fourniresto.es utilise un protocole incompatible.
Masquer les détails
Protocole incompatible
Le client et le serveur ne sont pas compatibles avec une version de protocole ou une méthode de chiffrement SSL commune.

for what i have on over browser without cache

I would try following

If you still have issues after, then please share your domain

Hy and tks for reply Cyb3r i do all the only things is last step wait for 24Hours domain is fourniresto.es but all certificate are ok for moment but i disable Cloudflare for go on our server directly,

Thks for help

i dont think i need edge certificate as i have my own validate on server,

Can you plz answer i need activate these ?

I try on preprod and i dont need to to in same condition i dont know why now its take so much time i want use cloudfare but if i do this on main site and site is down during 24h my boss will kick me for reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Universal Pending Validation(TXT) (Managed)
#### Review Universal Certificate for *.fourniresto.es, fourniresto.es

Cloudflare will validate the certificate on your behalf. No action is required.

Certificate Validity Period

3 months

Certificate validation method


Certificate Authority

Google Trust Services|

Cloudflare should auto activate the certificates. Does it show pending?

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