What's wrong with this post and why was it removed?

Ok, yesterday I had a post that was flagged and hidden for “moderator attention” but I don’t understand what is wrong with the post!

The post does not contain vulgar language!

The post is not offensive (I only tell someone that they are being rude and disrespectful, and need to stay within community guidelines)!

Was it for me “mini-modding” or smth?

And in addition, I believe the post was removed: So can someone tell me why?

I’m not mad or pissed off at anyone, I just wanna know why it was flagged, hidden, then removed?

Also, shouldn’t I receive a PM stating that the post has been removed?

Update: The post has NOT been removed! The post is visible at


So will someone please tell me why this post was flagged and hidden?

Probably to stop the thread veering any further from the topic of the original post.

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