What's wrong with my SRV Records and CNAME records?


I’m experiencing an issue with my SRV records and CNAME records

Service: _sipfederationtls
Target: http://sipfed.online.lync.com/

Do you know what the issue is? Can you please help me?


Not familiar with that interface, but it appears to suggest that you’re missing the _sipfederationtls record? If not, what does it look like in your DNS configuration? (Same for CNAME records then by the way.) Can’t tell why it’s recommending these settings though.

The record should look like this in the CF interface:

Can you share a screenshot of what your record looks like?

The other records need to be :grey:. It looks like you have them :orange:.

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Hi Michael,

thanks. That’s exactly how it looks like I guess?

That page is probably a Godaddy interface. Do you have access to your Cloudflare account, or did you sign up through a partner. The DNS records usually need to be created in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

On your Cloudflare dashboard, edit the 5 CNAME records (autodiscover, sip, lyncdiscover, email, msoid) so that the :orange: turns :grey:.

And share a screenshot from the Cloudflare Dashboard of the _sipfederationtls record you created.

Thanks. I just reviewed and I had already set up these 5 things.

Please read my earlier responses in relation to the CNAME records.

And the SRV record:
_sipfederationtls._tcp not _tls.

Hi Michael,

where can I find the cloudflare dashboard?

That is the dashboard.

Click the DNS tab. Make the needed changes there.

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See Michael, they are already added. Should I add these 5 CNAME records again?

… read the information already given. Yes, that would be super.

Also, you changed the _sipfederationtls._tcp record to fix that, but you also changed the _sip._tls record to break it.


Hi Michael,

so there we go. Still, I do not receive any E-Mails. What can I do next?

That question should be directed to Outlook. The MX record controls inbound email, and it points to Outlook. Have you checked to see if you can access it with Outlook’s webmail interface?

This might be it:

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