What's up with Cloudflare Firebolt?

Hasn’t been much news or more info regarding Cloudflare Firebolt since it’s blog mention https://blog.Cloudflare.com/firebolt/ ?

Good question. We’ve continued to flush out the functionality and we have several ad partners using it today. Still working with a number of other advertisers to determine if it will meet their needs in POC/ evaluations of the technology. A couple of new features for publishers are currently in the works for release next quarter I believe.

Not sure when our next scheduled blog post on usage/performance is scheduled, but I believe there is one in the pipeline somewhere. :slight_smile:

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thanks @cscharff looking forward to more info and developments for Firebolt :slight_smile:

Firebolt could potentially be used to help ad networks comply with Google Chrome’s upcoming ad “filter” feature. Just an idea :slight_smile:

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