What's the right way to setup a www redirect to non-www?

Despite doing a ton of research, I can’t seem to find the “right” answer as of the latest in 2024. Most articles use “page rules” but for some reason I can’t seem to get this to work.

What issue are you having with the redirects? I would make sure you have proxied DNS records for the www.
Also, I personally use Bulk Redirects · Cloudflare Rules docs as they are easier to manage and scale.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve historically used “page rules” to manage this, but it’s limited with only 3 rules there. I figure the redirect rules were the right place, but whatever I did there didn’t seem to work. Maybe I was just having some weird delay, but I thought Cloudflare proxying would make those changes instantly effective. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots, would you be able to confirm if this is the right setup for “Redirect Rules”.

And would you mind confirming, are “bulk rules” the same thing as what I’m doing here? A lot of documentation uses that term, but it’s not really used in the admin. :thinking:

I just tested, and I am getting redirected from www.livingstones.studio to livingstones.studio so there might be some weird cache on your end. Bulk Redirects do the same thing as filtering by Hostname in redirect rules, they are just better for static redirects that don’t require complex matching.

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Thanks for checking that! Sounds like I’ve configured it the way you would, which is the “right” or “optimal” setup given the expanded rule set that Cloudflare has now?