What's the pricing for using Worker AI API?

I couldn’t find any pricing rules for using AI API, is it a free service? What’s the usage limit?


i am curious too

Pricing is discussed in the intro blog post, near the end:

@sdayman the pricing is not reflected inside dashboard. basically i cant find how much cost is with the ai api i have called

i saw the neuron at 0.001 for 1k neuron pricing stuff but i cant see the pricing being reflected in dashboard. where is the price for this in dashboard? because the 1k neuron is 0.001 but there doesnt seem to be a place to reflect the metric used. i’m worried i will see a huge bill at the end of the mth if i deploy for production use

Workers AI is currently in Beta and is not billed. You wiill be notified in advance before billing is implemented and pricing is finalised. At the moment the pricing mentioned is only an initial plan, and may change as the product develops.


@erisa-cf so will i get a surprisingly big bill?

is it free for now and until when?

The information in my last message is all that is available. As mentioned, you will be notified in advance of any changes so it will not be an unexpected bill.

The product is still in development, there is not a date or estimate of billing being implemented.

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