Whats the price when im under attack?

whats the price when im not under attack and under attack?if i paid 200$,does i needs pay another money when got attack?

Cloudflare’s ‘under attack’ mode is free for all plans.

maybe i didnt express it clear,sorry my english is bad.
i mean what if im got attack,does i will cost money when my site past the cloudflare when have CC attack?

i didnt mean the price about turn on/off the button of “under attack”

Cloudflare will never charge you for being attacked. The blog post affects all forms of attacks, not only the under attack mode.

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so i just need pay 200$ and have not any another fee need to pay?

These mitigations are automatically enabled for all customers across all plans.

It does not require any payment.

As @Judge said, standard DDoS attack mitigation is included for free in all plans.

However, there are some features in Cloudflare that are billed per usage. These features are in addition to all protections and optimization offered as part of each plan. Some of these features have an explicit exclusion for traffic occurring during an attack, such as Argo.

But some features may increase in case of an attack, AFAIK.

For instance, Workers is a service that is not included by default in any plan. You have to opt to have it enabled, and pay extra for it. The cost starts at $5 per month but varies depending on traffic. So if an attack is large enough to make your traffic pass the traffic allowed in the $5 (10 million requests), your bill for Workers will go up.

In any case, if you do not opt for any extra service, the monthly fee for each plan should not go up because of an attack.

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