What's the difference on the Page Rule between http://*abc.com/* and *abc.com/* and what could have caused cache delay


Seriously. I get the static content updated on the server side and it refuses to update until like half an hour later. I honestly do not know what goes wrong here. Everytime.

I tried both of those page rules.


but neither seemed to work.

Every once in a while, I purged cache manually on cloudflare caching section and things got instantly updated. Most of the time, they did not. And in those embarrassing cases it usually took half an hour for content to go refreshed.



The first one will only apply to HTTP requests. The second to HTTPS requests as well.

You should post your URL and a screenshot of your page rules if you require more help.

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there you go


None of your resources appears to be cached on Cloudflare’s end. Why are you under the assumption they are?


yeah i see thanks. could there be any random specific elements related to the hosting that could have caused this delay? Like, for example?


There certainly could be but that fully depends on your host’s setup. It could be also your browser cache or a local proxy. You should clarify this with your host or (if applicable) your local network administrator.


thanks sandro. I truly appreciate that

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