What's The Best Method To Get Help With Technical Support On Cloudflare?

Recently just registered my domain (over 48 hours ago), and currently have it hosted on Cloudflare.

My site is experiencing heavy technical issues with domain, DNS, Error 522 messages, upload time etc.

I’ve spent several hours trying to troubleshoot the issue, even did some research in the Technical Resources page, ( the " Resources" page in general) and the Community Support. I just recently also opened a Support Ticket.

I must be pretty bad at this because I’ve yet to solve my website’s current technical issues.

What is the best way to get technical help on Cloudflare? Should I just call directly?


There is no phone support unless you are on an enterprise plan. If you have a specific issue, you can ask about it here on the community and we may be able to help.

For CF error codes, there is generally a community tip on here, just search for the error code. For example, the 522 you mentioned:


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