What's the average time to get support for business plan?


We have had a serious cache issue which make our website can not normal used for specific region users. For some security reason I did not post the relative info to community and submitted a ticket 2 days ago. But I have not got any response so far.

So how long the average time to get support for business plan?

BTW. The issue is caused for some of our js files HIT cache in some specific region but get response with content type ‘txt/html’ which make our website not show the content. It is highly appreciated if someone can give some help.

Hi @dev99,

The average response time is about 2hr, but it could be a bit longer in the current circumstances.

2 days is quite a while if you haven’t had a reply at all. Can you post the ticket number here and one of the mods might have a look for you?

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The ticket number is: 1884093

Thanks very much.

With the cloudflare staff help. I have fixed this issue.

The main reason here for some specific region get wrong cache is just because we sent cloudflare wrong response.

Our frontend server response html content when user request js file which not found in our server. This happened when we deploy new frontend version.

So if you have this weird cache issue, just first check whether your server has sent the right content to cloudflare to cache.

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