What's the approximate time for the support to respond?

I had this issue with WARP not registering my client for days and asked for support and still no response its been like 4 days already, and I really wanna fix this issue, so how long does it take for the support to respond?

Unfortunately there’s not really any guaranteed response times these days outside of an enterprise agreement.

If it’s something the community might be able to help with, you could try describing it to us in detail and we will do everything we can to help. Otherwise all you can do is wait for an eventual response from support, sorry.

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I don’t know if the community could solve this or not, but here is my problem, so basically my WARP couldn’t connect anymore, so I opened preferences to see something that could fix it, went to the connection section cause last time I edited some stuff there so I thought that was the problem, so I pressed reset settings there because I thought it would reset the settings to original, it did but now WARP can’t register my client at all! It says “We are unable to register your client” every time I want to connect. Tried multiple things to solve it, still couldn’t solve it.

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