What's not working with

Just made an account here because I spent the last 48h redownloading the same 130GB game 5 times, messing with my graphic driver, windows security options, overclocking settings etc… Just to find out that my game was crashing because the update server was unreachable.
I’m in Belgium and here’s what’s not working with Cloudflare DNS and :

  • Once in a while (every two days) twitter media, pictures and vids, for several hours
  • Call of Duty Warzone update server
  • Squad server browser
  • Once in a while (once a week) snapchat, for several hours
  • My Uni website
  • Several websites, didn’t made a list because I didn’t know cloudflare was the issue. Stackoverflow was one of them, during 2 or 3 days and multiple times.
  • Several Ubuntu repos in France and Germany

I had the same issues with my desktop, laptop and phone, using Cloudflare server in my windows settings or the Cloudflare Warp App (without WARP, just in DNS mode).

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Is DNS that is actually failing to resolve or they are not reachable for other reasons? Why do you say it’s DNS?

Also, try

I set up and as my DNS and all the servers I listed in my post are unreachable. never shows me anything useful ? I’m connected to
When I go back to my ISP’s DNS or Google public DNS everything is working fine again

Post the results of what is said here, without any data no one can help…

Yep, Someone on Reddit has the same issue (warzone), including me, the culprit was the Cloudflare warp app (without warp) just DNS, and that was 2 months ago.

However, when I use dnscrypt, it’s totally fine, no issue.

sorry but did u find any way to fix it or to exclude warzone from the app

Use DNSCrypt instead, if its too complicated, use simple dnscrypt