What's New: Origin Drain & Region Mapping API

Session Affinity: Origin Drain Summary
To remove all traffic from an origin without affecting any active customers.

If you use Load Balancing, Origin Drain is very important to you. Many times, origins need to be swapped out with another as business grows, or possibly to apply some maintenance update, or investigate something that may have gone wrong. Regardless of the reason, being able to easily shutdown an origin without affecting active customers in order to perform necessary work is necessary before enabling the origin to handle traffic again.

Use Session Affinity: Origin Drain
Now, when you enable Session Affinity, you’ll see a new TTL field that specifies the drain time for any disabled origins or pools.

Once the drain field has a valid TTL value, anytime a pool or origin is disabled in that particular Load Balancer, a new column will appear in the Manage Load Balancer table showing that the origins are disabled but draining and the remaining drain time. Once the time has elapsed, the Disabled (Draining) status will change to Disabled and the Drain Time will change to Complete. This gives you a feedback loop to know when the origin(s) are ready for removal/maintenance/etc.

Load Balancing Region Mapping API Summary
Geo-steering allows you to define which pool traffic should be sent to based on the Cloudflare region that is serving the request. For example, if we see traffic from Western North America, then send that traffic to Pool A, but if we see traffic from Western Europe, send that traffic to Pool B, and so forth.

The Region Mapping API is a public API that allows you to get a list of all Load Balancing regions, and detail around which countries and/or subdivisions belong to a given region.

Use Load Balancing Region Mapping API


API Endpoints:
GET accounts/:account_identifier/load_balancers/regions
GET accounts/:account_identifier/load_balancers/regions/:region_code

Query Parameters:
GET accounts/:account_identifier/load_balancers/regions?country_code
GET accounts/:account_identifier/load_balancers/regions?subdivision_code



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