What's happened to support?

How do I contact support? I used to be able to contact support without posting on a public forum.

My query: I have enable development mode but my changes to style.css don’t take effect – I have to repeatedly flush the Cloudflare cache. Any ideas?


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I don’t understand – what relevance is that link to my question?

You asked how to contact support.

Oh yes, thank you.

Tucked in the third option is a process to contact support. Things around here have changed and not for the purpose of helping the user…

As for your question. Whats the domain? Did you clear the cache before switching to development mode? You do know development mode only last for a few hours, right?

No, I didn’t know it now had a time limit – it never used to. If it’s changed, why isn’t that stated next to the button?

Thanks for your help, you’ve explained what’s happening.

It has always been 3 hours. Always.

It says so in the banner it shows at the top of the dashboard. And also the description: “Temporarily bypass our cache. See changes to your origin server in realtime.”

‘Stated next to the button’ and ‘in the banner’ … in what size of font?

At the bottom of the page in a similarly sized font there is an option to pause the service, at least that exists.

Come on, it’s 3 lines, at 85% size of the text of the button and in 18px size (bigger than the default browser size) in the top of the banner.

Those do completely different things. Development mode still proxies, pausing shows all your direct IPs.

I think I must have used pausing in the past rather than development mode as I’ve never had to go back to keep flushing the cache and reinstating the ‘switch off’. It’s more practical for long development sessions than having to check if 3 hours are up. It’s definitely what I’m going to be using now.

Consider that you are exposing your origin’s IP. Maybe just simply add a subdomain with cache bypass as a Page Rule?

That sounds complicated… if you’re able to influence features it would be useful for me if there was a dropdown to select length of time for development mode. My main reason for using Cloudflare is speed not security.

It’s really irritating when I try everything to check what’s wrong with the css I’m writing and in the end I find that the cause is Cloudflare leaving development mode. So for simplicity I’m going to pause it and make the changes I need without interruption.

Thanks for your input.

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