What's "error code: 1045"?

Not really an issue by itself but i have an automated system which retrieves at an interval generated data via WebSockets from my website, and often Cloudflare replies with body

“error code: 1045”

I already checked this page where it explains most of the common codes but i can’t find what the error 1045 does it mean. Maybe someone knows?

May I ask if the WebSockets option enabled at the Network tab of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Furthermore, are you using wss for the calls/requests in your app?

Is the SSL set to Full (Strict) SSL for your domain under the SSL/TLS tab?

Yup, WebSockets are enabled at the network tab, as well as i’m using wss for calls/requests.

SSL was set to full but it didn’t help setting it to full (strict) SSL, still getting the same error code

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