What's covered by Cloudflare Pro plans

I wasted a lot of time trying to find the Pro plan specific to Pages. Because the button on the plan information page and the link in the article didn’t take me to the checkout page.
There seems to be a lot of confusion since the integration with Workers.
I inadvertently paid for Workers, which was the wrong choice.
I ended up asking a question in the community and just paid.
I don’t really understand this process either.
It went something like this, which didn’t mention the 5 concurrent builds I wanted, so I ended up paying and confirming once again:

Core Features
Enhanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities
Lossless image optimization
Automatic mobile optimization
Cache Analytics
Enhanced bot mitigation
Super Bot Fight Mode
Cloudflare Managed Ruleset
APO plugin for Wordpress
20 Page Rules
20 WAF Rules

Anyway, I have two sites registered on my website, and I was able to checkout while on the site.
Let’s say I have a.com and b.com, I paid for the Pro plan for a.com.
Then I checked my Pages with a.com as a custom domain, and I was able to deploy multiple Pages at the same time.
But the Pages with b.com as the custom domain were queued up.
Is this correct?
Do I need to connect a.com to enable multiple deployments of Pages?
What happens if I connect neither a.com nor b.com?
I’m very confused and don’t understand how this works.
Can someone explain this to me?

Pages features are tied to the highest zone plan on your account. If you have a domain in your account with a Pro plan you have the Pro-level Pages limits for your whole account, and the limits are also account-wide (concurrent builds will count everything, not just the one domain).

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