What would the speed difference be between Pro and Free?


Hello, new to CloudFlare and just wanted to know realistically how much my site speed would change using the free or pro version…currently on WordPress with a premium shared plan at HostGator and 29 plugins.

Argo Datacenter Availability

First let me say that all sites differ, so we can’t make broad promises about how all sites would benefit.

That being said, we don’t have fast or slow lanes for customers on different plans. The only place where you would see differences are in optional features that can be enabled. PRO users will have more tools at their disposal, and depending on the type of site, those features could help a lot.

Additionally, there are a limited number of datacenters that because of local transit costs are only available to sites on BIZ or above (read more about that here). But that wouldn’t apply when choosing between FREE or PRO.


A difference a CF rep told me.
If i connect from Italy to a site on FREE plan it uses Germany node (not close).
If i upgrade to PRO i’m told it will use Italy nodes.

Italy is not mentioned as expensive so not sure why it’s a PRO only feature.

I wish this was mentioned somewhere. like:
PRO NODES: Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.
FREE NODES: Frankfurt, Paris, etc


I don’t think that’s a permanent thing. More to do with temporary bandwidth needs. Was that something that support told you?