What would happen if someone unauthorizedly deletes my CF account? Is there any way to recover it?

Ok, this has probably happened to someone before (and it can happen to anyone, including me and everyone else that uses Cloudflare!) So anyway, let’s say someone gets access to my Cloudflare account, they then delete the account! Is the account immediately deleted or is there some time period where I can recover the account? Also, what if someone else tries to delete my Cloudflare Community account (from an IP/location I’ve never signed into before), would moderators recognize that the IP/location) to delete the account from is suspicious and would not delete the account? Also if my community account is unauthorizedly deleted, what would I do? Could I create another account, then everything is restored (my badges, trust level, profile picture, about me, etc.)?

As always in IT, once an unauthorised third party gets access to your account, all bets are off.

If you have genuine concerns that that might happen to your account, I’d strongly suggest to strengthen your email and password security and to possibly use two-factor-authentication for your email and your Cloudflare account as well.

As for restoring, if you delete a domain, Cloudflare does not immediately purge it but there usually is a sort of grace period where you can re-add it. I can’t tell you if this applies to entire accounts as well. As for your community account, that one would require a manual deletion and it is actually tied to your Cloudflare account. If your Cloudflare account got deleted, your community account is likely to be a dangling account. I doubt a community account would be restored if someone actually manages to get access and request an account deletion without the actual account owner stepping in. Should that deletion really go through, I’d assume you’d have to register a new account.

But again, better secure your account than deal with account restore procedures :slight_smile:


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