What will trigger the following errors

Ok, I’m wondering what will trigger the following 1xxx errors (the list is below)

  • Error 1019: Compute server error

I guess that’s triggered if the return URL is the worker (cause it returns itself)?

  • Error 1035: Invalid request rewrite (invalid URI path)

I guess if you use a worker with a subdomain named “/cdn-cgi/.” or if the return URL in a worker has “/cdn-cgi/.”?

That’s the only 1xxx error’s I’m questioning, the other’s I know what might cause them! And I haven’t gotten these errors before and I’m just clarifying if what I think might cause the error actually causes the error (since I provided a reason for all of them!)

These are both documented and easily found on the Support site. 1019 and 1035

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I’m asking for simplified terms, I find it confusing and what a more simplified meaning for the cause of the errors. Basically, (in other words) what causes Error 1019 and Error 1035?

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