What will happen to my website on Cloudflare if my domain from another domain registrar expires?

Does anyone know if your website becomes deleted from Cloudflare if you delete your domain name or if your domain expires from another domain registrar?

When you delete your zone from Cloudflare, Cloudflare will no longer manage your domain immediately. All of your config settings will not be deleted immediately, so you can move your domain back.

If your domain expires, then you have 30 days to renew it or someone else can by it and move it away from Cloudflare.

But the settings and configs will permanently remain intact right? Like it’s in an archived state right?

They won’t remain permanently, there is a grace period, but I can see from the docs how long it that grace period is.

That’s 30 days at the most

Your problems can be solved here:

Read this too:

Hope that clarifies a lot :grinning:


It seems to only explain what happens when the domain expires. But since this domain was added into Cloudflare from another registrar, I was just wondering if Cloudflare will remove the site or not.

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Hmm okay welp

Dang only like a month before the website is totally wiped from Cloudflare? Once again, welp.

What is the issue that you are facing? Has your domain expired?

No it hasn’t expired. It’s just that I was thinking of replacing the current domain with a new one in the near future and I have stuff such as apps, WAFs and all those settings which can’t be exported. I know I can replicate it manually but it’s not that convenient so yeah.

Yep as the doc says

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