What will happen if I pause/cancel my Cloudflare Image subscription?

Hi, I’d like to cancel my Cloudflare Image subscription. How will this affect the images on my current site? Currently I’m only using the Cloudflare URLs to display the images on my site.

I’d expect that any images you uploaded to your Cloudflare account would no longer be available.

Are you expecting those images to still be available?

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I’m preparing to pause my site and the Cloudflare Image subscription. Would the images be available once again if I restart the site and continue my subscription?

I believe it’s thirty days. With that in mind, it’s best just to keep that subscription active if you want to keep the images.


I have a site that I only use one month every year for an event, so I don’t really need the site up for the rest of the year. If I pause the subscription now, and turn it back on next year, would the images still be available?

If you’re using the Images storage service, then you’ll lose those images. Without the subscription, you’re not paying for that storage.


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