What will happen if I move authoritative DNS server away from Cloudflare?

Well, I’ve searched so many times but can’t find related posts, and I’m not sure if the title is well-suitable for my question.

Here’s the situation:

  1. I’ve created a site in Cloudflare and change the site domain’s authoritative DNS servers to the ones that were designated by Cloudflare.
  2. And enabled some sub-domains with proxying and all things were working correctly.
  3. Later on, I decided to migrate this domain to another DNS hosting provider and changed the domain’s authoritative DNS server to something else.
  4. After several tens of hours, seems all DNS queries are through the new DNS hosting provider. Cloudflare’s status of this site still shows a green check mark.
  5. I created a CNAME record for one of the sub-domains blog.example.com that was proxied by Cloudflare with value blog.example.com.cdn.cloudflare.net and seems the proxy is still working.

Looks like just moving the DNS away from Cloudflare doesn’t invalid current Cloudflare’s settings, including SSL/TLS and proxying.

So, I really want to know if there’s some clear statement of doing this on whether or not Cloudflare will eventually stop proxying the DNS moved away domain. Or if it would continue to work, will anything be broken, for example SSL/TLS certificates issuing?


Eventually, that zone will get dropped from Cloudflare. I believe it’s at least two weeks before this happens.


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If you don’t want to have Cloudflare host your DNS but still want to use the other proxy services you would need to upgrade to the Biz plan and convert to a CNAME setup.

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OK. I’ve moved the DNS of one of my domain to another DNS hosting provider about one week ago and everything’s still working fine. If the zone will be dropped eventually, I should take some action like provisioning my domain with a CNAME setup, as @OliverGrant suggested, if I need to use Cloudflare.

Thank you both for the help!

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At the eighth day, I received the email from Cloudflare notifying me about the DNS has been moved:

The name servers for example.com no longer point to Cloudflare. They now point to:

[not set]
[not set]
[not set]

This change means that example.com is no longer using Cloudflare and will not receive the benefits of our security and performance services. Your DNS records will be completely removed from our system in 7 days.

If the name server change was in error, reactivate your domain by pointing your nameservers back to:

Yep, the time before Cloudflare removing a moved site is roughly 2 weeks.

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