What will happe to my current hosting if I point my domain to Cloudflare's nameservers?

Hi there,

My domain name is already associated with a hosting company with nameservers, now I want to add cloudflare but it asks me to point my domain to their nameservers, what about my current hosting’s nameservers that is already there in my domain?

Is there something I don’t get? I want to continue with my hosting and at the same time add cloudflare services.

Any help?

Cloudflare’s name servers will replace the ones you already have. But make sure that the DNS records here are an exact match for all the DNS records at your host. Then you can continue to use your hosting and use Cloudflare services.

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And how can I do this?

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Is this the right settings then?

If yes, should I proxy mail & FTP too?

That looks pretty good as is. Leave FTP and MAIL set to :grey:.

You probably only need one MX record, as you have only one ‘mail’ hostname. Get rid of the “20” one.

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Thank you so much sdayman for your valuable time <3

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